GD and Interview Skills

17 Aug, 2019

Group Discussion & Interview preparation for Engineering and Technology students

part of the ongoing program at St. Joseph’s group of institutions, facilitated by Mr.Satish, CSS Corp through their CSR initiative of Skill Training in Technology and Soft Skills program organised by ICT Academy.

A group discussion refers to a communicative situation that requires its participants to share their views and opinions with other participants in the group. It is a systematic exchange of information, views and opinions about a topic, problem, issue or situation among the members of a group who share some common objectives, this technique is applied by corporates in their selection process during mass hiring to filter out candidates who lack communication or lack initiative or inhibited by various factors and are unable to present their views in a group.

In most of the companies this is a first elimination round and candidates who pass the GD will be permitted to participate in the next round of selection process either technical or HR.

Apart from the interview perspective, this is a common scenario in any organisation where the team meets to discuss on the current project or to discuss on the SWOT of the team or challenges ahead or to decide on any team outing. If you don’t speak then you future is bleak.

Prepare yourself for group discussion and win your job.

Mr.Satish emphasised on the need of the training program and the syllabus design to the trainees and threw light on the business requirements and how they can be industry ready based on the training program they are undergoing and how this program can give them a winning edge over other students.

The batch was given clarity on resume writing and what to focus on in a resume, general discussion on the most common questions that are asked in an interview and how to prepare for them.

Key points in preparing for interview and the attitude that is required were explained in a more interactive and practical way.

The importance of physical appearance, the body language, the pleasant smile on the face, the necessity to avoid or hide any nervousness during an interview process.

The process of interview and expectations of the interviewer and how to understand the questions posted and ways to handle and tackle those questions.

Mr.Satish, explaining the process of GD and setting expectations.

The students were then divided into groups and each team was given a topic to talk / discuss as a warmup session before the actual GD.

Few select topics are:

  1. Social Media – advantages and challenges
  2. Internet – boon or bane?
  3. The safety of women employees in today’s scenario.

Following the GD warm up activity the mock GD was conducted.

The topic of discussion was “Is degree a must for getting into jobs or is knowledge about the job is sufficient?”

The trainees were made to sit in a circle facing each other such that every person in the team can have complete visual of the speaker and can be part of the session, this method provided equal opportunity for everyone as all have clear access to proceeding of the discussion.

The students participated enthusiastically and they put forth their ideas based on the instructions provided by the trainer.

The importance of being spontaneous, taking the initiative, being clear in your communication, grabbing the opportunity to speak and establish your point for discussion or amicably arguing or countering the point put forth by your fellow participant, the importance of making notes and the initiative to conclude under common terms without being bias were explained in a more engaging and practical way.

The trainees who participated in the GD are identified and the remaining trainees being briefed on the method of selection during a GD.

The trainees had a wonderful session and it was first of a kind of experience for many of them and they were thrilled to be part of this program. They understood how GD is conducted and now they have identified their competency and would work on their areas of improvement and participate well in any GD that they happen to face in the future.