Youth Mentoring Drive

Youth Mentoring Drive is a flagship program of UTPS where a candidate undergoes a series of trainings to get groomed as a self reliant individual for the society. This program involves the following phases.
  • Candidate Self Assessment and Profiling
  • Goal Setting
  • Suggestion of Career Options based on current skill set
  • Skill Enhancement programs
  • Placement Assistance
  • Post Placement Mentoring

IT Skill Development Programs

  • Web Development Trainings
  • Android App Development Trainings
  • Tally and Accounting software related trainings
  • Training on Programming Languages

Soft Skills Training

Apart from Technical Skills Soft skills are very essential for a candidate to get employed. Considering this ,Candidates are given Soft Skill trainings by Certified and Experienced Expert trainers from training fraternity and industry.
Importance of soft skill:
    • To handle interpersonal relations
    • To take appropriate decisions
    • To communicate effectively
    • To have good impression and impact to gain professional development.

Job Readiness Training

Before being sent to a job interview , it is ensured that the candidate undergoes all the below mentioned trainings
    • Resume building
    • Group Discussion
    • Body Language
    • Interview Skills etc

Entrepreneurship Development Trainings

Students who have an inclination towards Entrepreneurship and having business acumen are mentored by providing them startup incubation ecosystem and if required provided with Guidance to get linked with potential investors. Following programs are planned
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive
  • Business Plan Writing assistance Train
  • Design Thinking and Ideation Workshop
  • Commercializing innovations
  • Business Pitch workshops

Student Leadership Development Program

Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP) program is one of the key initiatives of UTPS aimed in developing Skilled Engineers readily Employable with groomed Leadership through continuous mentoring right from their first semester in college                
Objectives of SLDP
  • To kindle the students’ Self confidence, Self Reliance
  • To shape Internal leadership quality
  • To improve their employability skills
  • To create socially responsible Entrepreneurs
  • To enable the students to pursue higher studies of choice